Brugg Cables is well known internationally for signalling and power cables

Hybrid connectors allow for the simulaneous transmission of data and power. (Foto: Brugg Cables)

Mobile Tactical Applications – Rapidly Deployable Systems

Brugg Cables is well known internationally for signalling and power cables. In defence technology, Brugg excels thanks to its highly robust tactical fiber optic field cables with a wide variety of military-type connectors and comprehensive accessories and services, including training and engineering. Martin Rutschi is Productmanger Defence & Security with Brugg Cables.

At the AFCEA Trade Exhibition 2016 in Bonn and Eurosatory 2016 in Paris, Brugg Cables presents its innovative hybrid cable solution, which makes it possible to set up power and data networks simultaneously via one single cable. In addition to the benefits of rapid installation and deployment, the combination of data and electricity means that the power generators, storage devices, and consumers are also connected to the data network and can be optimally monitored and controlled by means of a data-power management system. The management software and hybrid cable solution also support simple and flexible planning, installation, and expansion through the use of local power sources such as sun, wind, and water. The integration of fiber-optic and copper cables up to 1,500VDC/16Apermits virtually unlimited data bandwidths and many kilowatts of transmitted power. The ring or meshed network topology is highly available thanks to a high redundancy that is augmented by distributed, networked power sources and storage devices. The hybrid cable solution also enables the connection of remote stations so that radio stations, sensors, and actuators can be networked and supplied with several kilowatts of power at a secure distance of 500 to 5.000 m.

To summarize: Hybrid cable solutions are ideal for deployable base camps:

·    Hybrid cables are thin and light but extremely powerful (kW and Gb/s),
·    An integrated power and data network can be set up using a single cable,
·    Ready for distributed power sources such as diesel, hydropower, wind, and solar power,
·    A prerequisite for efficient data and energy management (SNMP) and
·    Signature sources such as radio waves, heat, and noise remain at a safe distance from the base camp.

The hybrid cable solution is not new. It has been tried and tested by various armed forces that are already using nearly 1,000 km of cable and more than 3,000 hybrid connectors daily in harsh field conditions. Experience in real-time deployment reveals tremendous optimization potential for base camp infrastructures in terms of resource optimization and simplification, performance enhancement and energy efficiency, availability and security, and transport and logistics. Brugg’s current hybrid cable solution helps ensure that the desired objectives are truly viable and achievable through the combination of existing and new technologies and that the equipment will also still be suitable for future technologies. Although the goal of reducing fossil fuel consumption has an ecological basis, the high-risk transport and storage of fuel in crisis areas also drives up energy costs to a significant degree. A network topology that makes simple and efficient use of locally available power sources is therefore indispensable.



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